November 2019

October 2019

New Game Plan

November 13, 2019

So now that Tarrata is in full development, I've started to organize how all of this will work (this being the media side of things as well as the development process). First off, I'm going to do fewer devlogs here, but they will be longer and more fleshed out. Smaller updates and Screenshot Saturday posts will be on the Twitter, so follow that for more, as well as a few other fun things. Here's a rundown of the new updates:

Demo Released!

The Demo is out! Play a tiny sample of what is to come, and get excited!

New Team Members

I now have a few friends joining me on the project! My boyfriend Owen (who is also kindly hosting this website) will be doing level design, and my friend Jojo is helping with concept and art. I'm still likely to be the one posting most social media things, but you may potentially see devlogs coming from them if they choose to do any. Either way, a team is together and things are going smoothly!
We are also still looking for team members for QA Testing - the form is in the Contact page! You won't be obligated to stay with the project through all development, but will be credited even if you leave provided you did any testing at all.


I also put together an official Discord! Join it to keep up with some small updates, chatter, report bugs (if you are testing), and play with a resident bot.

Twitter Plans

The Twitter will by far be the most updated social media. Follow it for some fun things like Deck of the Week, Tarot Tuesdays, Screenshot Saturdays, and if I get enough community, Fan Fridays. As well, occasional character features and other fun updates might be posted!


I can't promise a release date yet - but I know for sure the game is likely to be out around Fall-Winter 2020! If there are any updates to this, I will be sure to keep everyone interested in the loop. The general game plan for development is mostly together.

New Gameplay!

So the demo doesn't quite reflect what the full game will be. How so? The full game will have story, characters, lots of levels, many times the mechanics, and all sorts of puzzles to solve!

Proud Mom Games!

It's official! If you didn't know, I (Gabby) was about half the development team for Perspectrum, developed by Proud Mom Games. I got the go ahead to officially call Tarrata a Proud Mom Games title, despite Connor not being part of this team, so it's going to be developed under the company. Proud Mom Games is about to have an exciting year (hint, hint) in many ways, so go ahead and follow that Twitter if you want as well.