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Hustle and Bustle!

October 27, 2019

The weekend has been productive! I showed off the current build at the WVU Game Developers Club, and added a collection of new features. I'll probably just go over them here.

One-Way Tiles

You can jump up the tiles, but not down them. Useful for making more traversable areas and keeping a player trapped. It took a few tries, and the player still slides up them somewhat awkwardly. Oh well, they'll get cleaned up!


Everyone likes pressing buttons! This button creates another object somewhere on the screen, such as a platform, or potentially an enemy or collectible.

More Decoration

I have some lovely trees now to fill the background. Everything looks so much more filled in, and it's incredible how the little things can do so much.

Adding Planned Features

I now have a pile of sticky notes full of potential game elements to add. I'm going to try to organize them into the GDD soon. Most, if any, won't make it into the demo by Friday, but having ideas is good.