Welcome to Tarrata

What is Tarrata?

Tarrata is an upcoming platformer developed by the developers that brought you Perspectrum! Enter a world where magic is an every day part of life for a civilization of humble frog folk. You play as Tarak, a young frog finding a purpose in life, guided by the Tarot. Take him on the adventure of a lifetime through 22 unique levels, with 3 bosses and a multitude of things to explore. Try to collect every single card to complete a deck, and use the powers granted by the suits to solve problems and fight enemies!

I'm not into Tarot. Will I still be able to enjoy the game?

Yes! If you aren't interested in it, the game is simply a fun platformer about a frog's adventure.

So what exactly do you do in the game?

It's simple, really. On top of a basic platforming shell (double jumps!), you have four objects found from the suits of a Tarot deck: a Wand, a Cup, a Sword, and a Pentacle.
The Wand lets you travel to the last reached checkpoint, just in case you find yourself in a sticky situation.
The Cup gives you the life energy needed to survive; when it runs out, you die and are forced to restart from your last save.
The Sword allows you to damage foes and protect yourself.
The Pentacle is similar to a magic key. After giving it a charge at an altar, you can use it to interact with switches.